Contact Information

    For queries and questions please contact Johanna Ullrich by e-mail at johanna@archaeologicalphosphates.com or by using the form below, which sends your requests to the same address:


For anyone that might be interested in determining if phosphate analysis is applicable to their site and research goals, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I am happy to answer questions and provide quotes on my rates for performing a phosphate analysis survey. 

I have experience working in the northeastern United States and Ireland, but the application of phosphate analysis is globally applicable and I am happy to consider sites all over the world.

I am also happy to determine if phosphate analysis is a viable option on your site free of charge if you are interested in pursuing the possibility of applying phosphate analysis there.  I can frankly outline the possibilities for phosphate analysis on your site with information about the specific on-site geology, soils and brief site history.  Simply contact me using the form on the left and I will send my full e-mail address and complete contact details to accommodate attachments and future communications.  

Johanna Ullrich, Ph.D.