Welcome to Archaeological Phosphate Analysis Consultancy

Phosphate analysis is a test that can be used in archaeology to locate areas with increased organic content caused by past human activity.  As a fully qualified archaeologist, I have specialized in integrating a valid phosphate analysis methodology with practical archaeological practices to use phosphate analysis to its best advantage and reach archaeological research goals.  This application of phosphate analysis on archaeological sites can be used to  better understand site and social dynamics.  
When used as a precursor to, or in conjunction with, excavation phosphate analysis can:
          - locate buried archaeological sites and features.
          - speed archaeological projects by pinpointing areas for excavation. 
          - decrease the cost of mapping unexcavated areas for feature prospection.
          - identify areas where organic material decomposed, e.g. middens, burials, building constructed of organic materials.
          - determine how/for what purpose specific buildings, features and sites were used, including duration/intensity of use.
          - create use-of-space models for entire archaeological sites.

For a brief overview of the advantages of phosphate analysis in archaeology, please click PHOSPHATE ANALYSIS and select the SUMMARY page for the most succinct synopsis.  For summaries of how I have applied phosphate analysis to archaeological projects, and the results of those surveys, please select RECENT PROJECTS.  For complete list of my projects, jobs and experience in archaeology and phosphate analysis, please select CV.  To view short assessments of how specific phosphate patterns form, with specific mapped examples and interpretations, please select PATTERN DATABASE.  To contact me with any questions and queries, please select CONTACT INFO.  

This web-page is designed to inform archaeologists both about the ways in which phosphate analysis can easily be applied to help answer archaeological research questions and the services I provide as a phosphate analysis specialist.  I have also begun to construct a database for identified phosphate patterns that can be linked to specific archaeological features and/or functions to forward the use of phosphate analysis in archaeology.  

Please feel free to use this web-page as a source of information for the applications of  phosphate analysis in archaeology and to contact me with any queries and/or questions.  Thank you very much.

Johanna Ullrich, Ph.D.